Must Visit Places in Prague, Czech Republic

Trip to Prague, must visit places in prague, czech republic

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Prague or Praha is the capital city of the Czech Republic, situated in the northwest on the Vltava river. It is also one of the most affordable places to visit in Europe.

I went to Prague for two days with my friend. Prague was never on my list but after going there, I was the happiest.

Prague on the first impression, as I landed at the airport till the journey to my hostel (Hostel Strahov) was not great, because it was a long journey from there. We booked the hostel Strahov for two days, we got it for very good prices from The overall look and feel of the hostel were great. We did not have a well-equipped kitchen, so we were relied on eating at hotels. There was also a coffee machine that you could get at an affordable price. The hostel also had a cafeteria but we did not eat there, so I can’t say anything about it. But hey! you can always try them out. The only problem with the hostel was, other than the reception, no one understood English. Be prepared, to have some awkward moments if you do not understand the Czech language. It was well connected to the city, the bus was available all the time.

Now, here begins the journey!

Places to visit in Prague

Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge, Prague, Praha

It is one of the busiest tourist destinations in Prague and a must-visit place. Well, we went to summers, so the crowd was expected. Apart, from the beautiful views of the city and the Vltava river, we could also see a lot of people making sketches and so on. Since it was really crowded, we did not stop there for long, but it was worth the walk.

Charles Bridge, Prague, Praha, Czech Republic

The Old Town Square and The Astronomical Clock

It’s one of the historic places in Prague. We found this place as one of the best places to begin the journey with. Here you can find numerous old churches and the famous Astronomical Clock. Unfortunately, when we went there in summer 0f 2018, it was under reconstruction, so we were not able to see it. And lot’s of exciting activities you can see there.

Praha, Prague, Old Town, Czech Republic

Prague Castle

Prague Castle, Top View of prague castle, city view prague, czech republicIt was undoubtedly the most favorite place we visited in Prague. We thought of not going there, but thank god we had a little time left in the late evening till we leave to our next destination the other day. The walk on the stairs can be tiring but once you reach the top and get inside, the view of the castle itself will make your day. Do not forget this gem! You will love it!

Prague Castle, Top View of prague castle, city view prague, prague castle, czech republic

The Dancing House

It is one of Prague’s most remarkable modern architecture. It may not be a place for everyone, but it is definitely worth seeing the architectural work.

The Dancing House, Prague, Praha, Czech Republic


We were told by a friend that we should visit Vyšehrad, so we took the bus but we got lost in the way. Finally, we got in here and the view was amazing. It was dark, we could not enjoy much, but it was an amazing experience. You can even see the view of the city from the surroundings.

  Prague Metronome

The Metronome is 75 ft tall in Letna Park. You can see a great view of the city from above. The Metronome Prague, czech republic The Metronome Prague, czech republic, prague city view The Metronome Prague, czech republic The Metronome Prague, czech republic The Metronome Prague, czech republic

Apart from these places here are few snaps which you may like:

Tyn Church, Prague, czech republic Showing stunts in prague, czech republci rotating face, prague, czech republic

What about transportation?

Well! we bought 24 hours of tickets for one day and did the same for the next day, which cost us 110 CZK each. You can get them in the airport or nearby metro stations. You need to verify your ticket on your first trip, on the bus or metro. The ticket is valid for all the means of public transportation and is the cheapest way to visit the city. You can check out for the fares for public transportation on the website.

In the end, I loved the city so much. I plan to visit again soon. There is so much to see and love about the place. It can be a perfect place for a visit on the weekend.  I may have missed a lot of places here to write about, but its for you to figure it out. Let me know, how did you like the city and what you did.

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