How to Budget Travel in Scandinavian Countries

Budget Travel in Scandinavian Countries, Budget travel in Norway, Budget Travel in Sweden, Budget travel in Denmark

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The first thing that comes in our mind when thinking of traveling in Scandinavian countries is the cost. We have heard horrors about how expensive it can be. Budget Travel in Scandinavian Countries can be tough but not impossible. There are many ways you can cut down the prices and can get a good deal to travel Scandinavian Countries.

Denmark, Sweden, and Norway are considered as Scandinavian countries, but when it comes to Nordic countries we include Finland and Iceland as well and their associated territories, Greenland, Faroe Island, Åland Island, and Svalbard. Here are some tips to Budget Travel in Scandinavian Countries.

Free things to do in Copenhagen, Orstedsparken, Copenhagen, Norreport, Denmark

Book your flight tickets early

Flight tickets without a doubt are one of the primary concerns when traveling. If you know your dates of travel, it is wise to book the tickets as early as possible, best would be 3-6 months prior to the travel date. I recommend using momondo for flight tickets, I use it all the time for most of my travels. Make sure you have a flexible date when traveling to these countries, so you can play with the dates and get a good deal.

Wise Accommodation

Hotels prices can go very high, so consider booking yourself a hostel or budget hotels. You need to take the note of the location, if it is a little far away, make sure it is connected to the metro, S-train or the bus. Airbnb can be a great choice as well for seasonal travelers, you can get it much cheaper than downtown hotels.

AirBnb rentals in Denmark, Budget Travel in Scandinavian Countries, Cristianshavn, Denmark.
View from AirBnB apartment (Christianshavn, Denmark)

Saving money on Food

Dining out on Scandinavian countries can be very expensive. The prices can go up to 150 DKK per person which is about 23 USD dollars for a meal in a very good restaurant in Denmark. You can make the calculations and can cut down on meals if you are living in hostels or Airbnb and cook for yourself. You can get the groceries from Lidl, Aldi, Netto, Rema 1000 nearby your location. Or, search for some great deals on the buffet for lunch and dinner.

If you like to drink and are on budget stick to the grocery stores mentioned. You will save a lot this way. Cool thing, you can even return the can bottles back and get some of the pants to amount back.

Axel Torv, Buffet Lunch, Copenhagen Denmark. Travel for cheap in Copenhagen
Buffet Lunch in Dalle Valle, Axel Torv, Copenhagen

City Cards

If you like to see, a lot of things and includes good travel time, consider getting a city cards/pass for yourself. You can get 24-72 hours of city passes which can be used to travel on public transportation and get free entry with the pass on many museums and local attractions. You can also get discounted rates on selected restaurants with the pass. They are available online or you can get it on any tourist information center. Tourist attractions can be very pricey, but there are also a few things you can do for free, I have written a post on free things to do in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen City Pass ,Budget Travel in Scandinavian Countries

Be ready for every kind of weather

Summer is the most favorable time to travel Scandinavia, because of the daylights and warm weather. However, you should be ready for all kind of weather, you can never predict the weather. Pack your suitcase well, even if you travel in Summer, having one jacket on your bag will not harm you. So, you do not spend your extra money buying them.

Budget Travel in Scandinavian Countries, Norway, Oslo. Mini ferry from Copenhagen to Oslo, Sunrise in Mini ferry to Oslo.
En route to Oslo from Copenhagen in Mini Cruise

Cash or Credit Cards?

Scandinavia is mostly cashless countries. You can swipe your cards almost everywhere. However, you can bring some cash as well, you may need it sometimes. If you have a Mastercard, you may think it should work everywhere. Many restaurants around Copenhagen, I have seen them not using Mastercard and only using Dankort or MobilePay. On such times, cash can come into rescue. Make sure to check with your bank for the fees on your cards before you leave.

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