Two day trip to Hamburg from Copenhagen

Day trip to Hamburg from Copenhagen, Must see places in Hamburg, Weekend in Hamburg

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Hamburg a major port in Northern Germany is one of the most easily accessible places to visit from Copenhagen, Denmark. Denmark is surrounded by two major European countries, Germany and Sweden. It is very easy to travel to and from Copenhagen to these countries. Taking a day trip to Hamburg from Copenhagen is possible with easy access to the bus for affordable travel.

How to travel to Hamburg from Copenhagen

I prefer Flixbus, anytime. The bus is super comfortable and affordable. It cost me 149 DKK from Copenhagen to Hamburg in November. It was 6 hours 50 minutes ride from the Copenhagen Central to the Hamburg Central Station. The price may differ from Season to Season. You can take the bus from the Valby Station or backside of the Central Station. Your ticket expires at the departure time and will be available for purchase again, so be sure to be early. You have to arrive 15 minutes early. You can take one hand luggage and baggage with you. Taking a day trip to Hamburg from Copenhagen is an easy ride with good sceneries. Well! I did get to see the sceneries when I returned back the next day late afternoon. Depending on the bus route you may have a ferry ride for an hour as well.

Hamburg Central Station, Day trip to Hamburg from Copenhagen
Hamburg Central Station
Hamburg Port, Day trip to Hamburg from Copenhagen

Where did I stay in Hamburg, Germany?

I booked the hostel dorm ( Monteurzimmer in Hamburg City bei Hansezimmer ) from The room was not so expensive, it was 149 DKK. If cheap price means no receiving well as well, then I won’t consider going back to the place again. It is far from Central but connected to public transport, which is okay. I could not find any reception. Thankfully, the door was open so I went in, and nobody to ask for, called to the number given on the confirmation. And I was told my room number and someone came to give the key, who did not know English. I had a big problem having the conversation there, to wake me up in the middle of the night for no reason and not even asking me in English. This place was weird. The kitchen was small and nice. Overall, I won’t recommend the place.

Places to see in Hamburg, Germany in One Day

Once, I arrived at the Central station ( Hauptbahnhof ), in the morning, I started to explore the central station itself. It was dark and cold at that time, and not so many shops were open. I had no option than to be there for a while. Since I was there for some work, I had to walk around the places, do my job then only I was able to explore. However, here are the places to see in Hamburg, Germany and those which I really liked it, that has made me want to visit once again.

Panoptikum (The Wax Museum)

This was my very first visit to any wax museum. Trust me, it was the highlight for me. I could spend hours just admiring the art. All the wax statues looked so real and mesmerizing that the memories are embedded in my mind forever. This is a must-visit for everyone. Panoptikum is one of the oldest wax museums in Germany which has historical figures and modern celebrities.

Panoptikum The Wax Museum, Hamburg Germany, Day trip to Hamburg from Copenhagen
Panoptikum The Wax Museum, Hamburg Germany, Day trip to Hamburg from Copenhagen, The Royal Family London Wax Statue

Miniatur Wunderland

Miniatur Wunderland is a miniature attraction in Hamburg. I really wanted to see this place as I went there but the ticket was sold out for the time I went. I suggest you book your tickets online to avoid what happened to me.

Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

It is one of the largest and most advanced concert halls in the world. I did not go inside but the view from the outside was amazing.

Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

Hamburg Rathaus (City Hall)

It is a beautiful place to visit with great architecture. You can click a lot of pictures here. It is open to the public in certain hours, Monday-Sunday.

Hamburg City Hall, Hamburg Rathaus, Day trip to Hamburg from Copenhagen

Do I recommend Hamburg?

I really loved the city. Also, because it was one of my first city as a solo traveler. I was there in winter, offseason, and in the weekend, so I did not have a lot of opportunities to see the market. But most of the places that I visited were great and would love to go back someday again. I really liked the cheese croissants there. If you are a croissants fan, Germany is the place to be.

Croissants in Hamburg Germany, Day trip to Hamburg from Copenhagen

I did not take a canal tour rather had a good walk. Even the walk was amazing, to be able to see the historic buildings and architecture, I was mesmerized. I was there just for a day and a half so, I traveled with single tickets, but if you plan on staying for a longer period of time Hamburg City pass can be a great savior.

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