Day Trip to Sweden from Copenhagen

Day Trip to Sweden from Copenhagen

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Copenhagen, Denmark is very close to some of the Swedish cities. Within 20 minutes to maximum an hour, you can visit the small towns of Sweden. Trains and ferries make it very easy to commute. This gives you the chance to visit two countries on the same day and makes a day trip to Sweden from Copenhagen very popular among the tourists.


Malmö is a coastal city south of Sweden and very close to Copenhagen. The popular Öresund Bridge connects the two cities through the long road and railway bridge-tunnel. You can expect to get a nice view of the sea from the train or car while crossing the bridge. It takes approximately 30 minutes to reach Malmö from Copenhagen central station. The train leaves every 15-20 minutes, so you can buy a ticket according to your convenience. The price for one way ticket is 110 SEK. Danish citizens can commute to Malmö with rejsekort, which you can check out on the Malmö Central Station. Flixbus can be the cheapest option but the trains are much better.

Malmö is a small city with good architecture and famous for the Turning Torso, which is also visible from the Amager Beach, Copenhagen.

Malmo turning torso
Turning Torso
Malmo Central Station


Lund is a beautiful old town in Southern Sweden. It is filled with narrow cobbled streets, having one of Europe’s prestigious universities and lots of green spaces. Lund is exactly an hour ride from the Nørreport station, Copenhagen. The same train to Malmö also goes to Lund. You can buy the tickets 5 minutes before departure from any ticket machine on the station. The walking street of Lund is really pretty and not to miss during Christmas time, I really loved the place.

Cobbled streets, Lund, Sweden
Parks in Lund, Sweden


Helsingborg is my favorite among the three cities in Sweden for a Day trip from Copenhagen to Sweden. There’s a ferry ride every 20 minutes from Helsingør, Denmark. The ferry ride is short but very nice. You have the opportunity to be in the bar, have the beer or be in the cafe and have lunch, drink coffee, or just go on the top deck and enjoy the view of both Denmark and Sweden. It’s amazing how just across the sea is a different country which does not take hours to reach. The ticket price for a round trip is just 74 DKK and is valid for up to 3 months.

Helsingborg, City Hall
View from Kalmar, Helsingborg, Sweden
Kärnan, Helsingborg, Sweden

Tips while visiting small towns

While small towns can be quiet and really adorable, one should avoid going on weekends and holidays if they are looking for shopping opportunities. The markets are closed on such occasions. You can walk to most of the destinations as they are very close. However, you can rent a bike and explore the city on your own, if you do not like to walk and explore a little further. Day Trip to Sweden from Copenhagen is easy to travel and get the taste of the big and small city in just one day. If you are living in Denmark temporarily, you may require both the passport and a Danish residence card for security check.

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