How to travel from Copenhagen to Stockholm

Travel from Copenhagen to Stockholm by train

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Denmark and Sweden is a neighboring country. It is very easy to commute by train, car, bus or plane. Malmö is just a 30-minute ride on the train from Copenhagen. So, when you travel to Copenhagen, you can easily plan a day trip to Malmö. There are connecting trains to Stockholm from Malmö as well but you can also get direct tickets.

Traveling from Copenhagen to Stockholm

There are many ways to travel from Copenhagen to Stockholm. However, train rides are much better and cheaper option to go to Stockholm from Copenhagen. You can get direct trains for Stockholm. You can get the train tickets at a very reasonable price from the SJ website. The train duration is about 6 hours. You need to have your tickets and passport ready on the borders. However, when I traveled, nobody asked for my ticket nor did I go through passport check. I believe they do cross checks and don’t check it all the time.

For people willing to travel via bus also have an option to book their seats on Flixbus. During the peak season, it is better to book a ticket a few days prior to visiting any destination. It is also one of the affordable mean to travel in Europe if you want to skip the expensive tickets fares of an airplane.

How is the train ride with SJ?

Sj train, copenhagen to stockholm train

Finding the platform for the Stockholm train in Copenhagen can be a little difficult. You have to go the platform number 26 which is 15 minutes away from the actual station. You can go down to any platform and go straight, I was told to follow the white arrow, which was helpful, then you need to take stairs and search for platform 26, which is not very difficult afterward.

SJ train is very nice and comfortable for a long journey drive. I had a direct ticket to Stockholm, so I did not have to change any trains, except in Stockholm itself, because of engineering works. Since the price and time were already included on the ticket I did not go through any hassle. I had to change train from Stockholm Söndra to Stockholm Central. With the ticket, I could take any train no matter what the timing was with that ticket if I was early.

You can also find the bistro on the train, and they have pancakes, sandwich, chips, soft drinks and coffee. You also have a microwave on the train, if you wish to heat anything. The bistro is not open for the whole journey, so you need to have attention to the announcement. You have a choice of eating in the bistro or taking your food to your seat. The seats are comfortable to eat, work on your laptop, or just sleep.

Train food copenhagen to stockholm train

My experience on the train

I would say, it was a great trip with the train. I really enjoyed the ride with beautiful views. Nobody was troubling me, with noise or any weird situation. Everyone was respectful. Even the washrooms were clean and nice. It had one washroom with every carriage, so it was not big of a problem. The seats were comfortable and nice. I definitely recommend the train ride to Stockholm from Copenhagen. It is not so expensive and it’s just about 6 hours of the ride.

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