Free things to do in Copenhagen

Nyhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark, places to see in Copenhagen, canal tours Denmark

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Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and it is also one of the happiest countries in the world. Copenhagen can be quite expensive for the visitors to travel but there are also few things that you can do for free.


Nyhavn is probably the first picture you see on Google when you search for Denmark. Its iconic houses are very popular among the world. You can roam around Nyhavn and take a lot of pictures to fill your Instagram account. This place is a must place to see in Copenhagen. Eating and shopping on this area can be quite expensive but you can always get some beer from the nearby supermarket and enjoy the view.Nyhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark, places to see in Copenhagen, canal tours Denmark

The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid was a gift from the Danish brewer Carl Jacobsen to Copenhagen which happens to be inspired by Hans Christian Andersen, one of the famous Danish writer’s fairytale. And it’s not too far away from Nyhavn. A walk of 10-15 minutes will take you to her. You can also see her, if you take the canal tour or the hop on and hop off bus.The Little Mermaid, Hans Christian Andersen, Copenhagen, Denmark, places to see in copenhagen denmark

Amalienborg Palace

It is the home of the Danish royal family located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Amalienborg is known for the changing of guards. You can experience the changing of the guards daily from the Rosenborg Castle to the Stroget and ending on the palace at 12 noon.

Ofelia Plads

A beautiful design and very hypnotizing you can actually walk through it and enjoy the lights and sound, especially in the dark it looks too beautiful. You can check them out only during the Light Festival in Copenhagen.

Ofelia Plads, Copenhagen, Denmark

Take a tour to Refshaleoen on the DSB boat

There’s a canal boat guided tour which may take you to the top sights in Copenhagen. But, there also exists a boat which can take you to some of the places like The Opera House, Papreon, The Circle Bridge, the Black Diamond library, and Refshaleoen with the zone one and two tickets you purchased for bus, metro and train. It can be slow but if you want to save your money on Canal Tour this can be the best option.

Freetown Christiania

Christiania is a different world altogether. The area is very controversial and is loved by many and is one of the popular attractions. Christiania is not like any other place in Copenhagen and you should be aware of it, the area is quite rough and dodgy.


For everyone, who cannot afford Tivoli fees and adventure rides, Bakken is a place to be, the oldest amusement park. It is free for everyone, it is not too far from the city center. A 20 minutes ride on train to Klampenborg and a little walk will take you to this amazing place for fun.

Amager Beach

There are lot of sandy beaches in Copenhagen. You can also view the famous Oresund Bridge which connects Denmark and Sweden and a glimpse of Malmo (Sweden) in a perfect weather condition. As beautiful as it looks and perfect for swimming on summer, in winter you can even take a walk on the ice. Isn’t that supercool? 😉


Right in the middle of the city, lies this park which is too beautiful and quite just beside Israel Plads. This can be a perfect place to hang out with friends and take cool photographs.Orstedsparken, Copenhagen, Norreport, Denmark

Kings Garden

It is located in the beautiful Rosenborg Palace. You can get inside the palace with a little fee or free with the Copenhagen Card. The garden is among the popular retreat in the heart of Copenhagen.

Botanical Garden

It is located in the heart of Copenhagen and covers an area of hectares. It is famous for its extensive complex of historical glasshouses and is open for public.

The Lakes

Right in the center of the city, this beautiful lake is going to blow your mind. You can see many people jogging regularly or sipping some beer on weekends. In summer, you can also take a boat ride.

The Lakes, Copenhagen, Denmark


If you love shopping this never-ending walking street is a place to be. You can find almost all the brands and souvenir here to shop, and you can also enjoy some good food.

Christiansborg Palace Tower

Getting inside the palace may cost you a fee, but going on the tower and getting to see Copenhagen from the top is a must. Well Copenhagen, may not have some great skyscrapers. But it is good to see the city from the top when it is free of cost. You may have to wait for the queue and security to let you in, that’s the only thing that may consume time, else it’s worth it.

Copenhagen has a lot to offer, for travelers. These were some of the few free things that you can see and do while in Copenhagen. Which is your favorite spot in Copenhagen?

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